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When we launched Snowcap in September 2010, we only had one objective : to offer high quality, tailor-made development, using innovating tools.

Five years later, and after giving it a lot of thought, we came to the conclusion that a small development agency such as ours was not suited for today’s digital market.

In order to fulfil our client’s needs, we did our best to find a balance between quality, costs, and implementation time. Unfortunately, maintaining this balance has become impossible within our current structure.

The only way to achieve it would be to significantly increase the size of our team and to implement a more complex managerial structure. For a series of reasons, we have decided not to go down that road.

Consequently, we have decided to put an end to our business.

However, if Snowcap as an agency disappears, our approach will be around for quite some time. The members of our team will be joining some of our clients and will be fully dedicated to their different projects, following our original goal : to create the best product there is, leaving no room for concessions.

The fact that our adventure stops here does not make it any less beautiful, and for that we have many people to thank : our clients, who gave us the opportunity to take part in exciting projects ; our employees, who did an excellent job and gave the best of themselves until the very end ; and our partners, who helped us build great websites and applications.

It was a pleasure working with all of you and we hope to see you again in the future.

Take care,

Edwin, Jérôme and Pierre

These are the projects we join:

Time is emotion

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Service d'Information Etudes

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